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Posted on: Saturday, 9 July 2016 at 10:41:40 PM

9th July 2016 - Day 2 

After a good nights rest from our massive travel marathon, Day 2 for Friendship Games 2016 started off with an early rise at 7am for a Chinese breakfast which consisted of more delicious traditional dishes using our chopsticks such as; rice noodles, hard boiled eggs, vegetables and sweet buns that we thought would be pork buns but turned out to be stuffed with steamed spinach, a tiny bit deceiving but still actually tasted alright! It took some brain power to figure out how to turn on the toaster and use the chopsticks to get a slab of butter on to the toast, all in all a good start!

We then split off into sporting groups and set off to our first training from around 9am - 11am, the basketballers sweated it up in the gym with a group session and the track and field athletes made use of the Oriental Boat Centre for a big group run and then using the track and grass to brush out the cobwebs after such a long travel ordeal. 

After training we all headed back to the hotel for showers and then to lunch for another challenge against the chopsticks, in attempt to conquer heaps of delicious vegetables, chicken strips, rice, meat and fish dishes. It was then back to prepare for the official opening ceremony with the Chinese officials. As a group we were welcomed by Mr. Sheng - Principal of the Shanghai Sports School, Ms. Hu - Deputy Director of the Shanghai Sports Bureau and Ms. Liu - Deputy Principal of the Shanghai Sports School. The officials spoke of the way that Friendship Games acts as a platform for globalisation for elite athletes despite language barriers and being different countries. Andrew spoke on behalf of the athletes and FG management in thanking the officials for having us in Shanghai. 

After the formalities, it was quickly back to the hotel to change into shorts and sneakers for an afternoon of adventure fun! First up was 'Dragon boat racing' where we were split up into 4 teams - given life vests and an ore and then instructed to race each other around a small island in the middle of the lake. Due to a small language barrier, we thought the race had begun so off we went rowing as fast as we could, splashing other boats in hope of sabotage and yelling at each other in hope to avoid crashing boats! Only to be chased by a small motor boat driven by Andrew to tell us to turn around because the race hadn't officially started! So we all turned the boats back around, paddled back and lined up to let the official race begin. Ready, Steady, Go! The boats went flying and in hope of a victory and the esteemed prize of bragging rights - team 4 came out on top paddling home with a clear win. We then walked through the park to the activity known as "chain bridges"which consisted of around 20 adventure bridges over a canal of water. The kids tested the limits - some making it across the bridge dry and some not so much... Almost everyone completed every single bridge and it was the highlight of the day for many athletes. 

After a quick shower back at the hotel, Dinner was served - the FG management surprised the kids with spoons to each keep for the trip in order to make the challenge with chopsticks a bit easier. After Dinner it was time for the Friendship Games Quiz Night - split up into 6 tables, 6 rounds of Olympic and sporting trivia saw the competitive spirit come alive between teams and in the end, table 4 let by the intrepid David Smith came out on top! Tonight we awarded the SCAT awards (Star Character Award Today) - an award that is given to an athlete on the trip each day who stood out to the FG management during the days activities. The two recipients were Priscilla Kelly- for her resilience and determination to over come her flying fears during the travel marathon and Cooper Walawski - for showing excellent camaraderie in bringing everyone together in the group activities. Well done to P and C!

After a long day, it was free time until lights out at 10pm - hoping to get a good rest for Day 3 - sightseeing with a forecast of typhoon! 

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