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Posted on: Sunday, 10 July 2016 at 11:04:32 AM

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10th July 2016 - Day 3

After another early Chinese breakfast with fried eggs, toast, cornflakes, porridge plus the FG management provided some cornflakes - the athletes were keen to have a full day of being a tourist in Shanghai City! We split into 2 groups and each boarded a bus that headed into the heart of Shanghai City - the ride was just over an hour long, which showcased the different areas/suburbs of Shanghai. We were lucky enough to have two great bus tour guides, David and Isabelle, who were extremely informative and taught us about the specific buildings and monuments we were passing along the way! 

First stop was at the 'Bund' which overlooks the amazing Pudong Area, right on the water showcasing the entire Shanghai skyline. Everyone took this opportunity to snap up a few photos, many of the locals were taking photos with the athletes, making the kids have a celebrity status walking around the city. Even 2 sets of bride and groom requested photos!

We then split off into our groups to have a look around the shopping malls in Shanghai - Nanjing Road East (very famous), one of the highlights was locating the first Starbucks of the trip where nearly everyone was overjoyed with the possibility of a western style coffee! Many of the athletes shopped in sporting department stores and retail outlets until we had to return to the buses for lunch at 12pm. We were treated to a traditional Chinese lunch at a popular restaurant near the Bund - over 10 dishes shared Chinese style on a Lazy Susan on each of the 6 tables. Luckily, this restaurant provided us with forks, traditional spoons and chopsticks - which made food consumption a lot easier for those who haven't quite mastered the chopstick technique yet! Once lunch was over we got back onto the buses and headed to the Yuyuan Garden, which is a famous classical Chinese garden that was completed after 28 years of construction in 1577. The garden was built by an officer under the Ming Dynasty named Pan Yunduan, Yu in Chinese means pleasing and satisfying, and this garden was specially built for Pan's parents as a place for them to enjoy a tranquil and happy time in their old age. Unfortunately, the father died before the Garden was completed!  The tour showcased the garden's exquisite landscape as well as it's history. 

Today's weather was forecast to be a typhoon with serious rain to hit whilst we were sight seeing! Fortunately, we only experienced light showers - which was actually a really nice refreshing change since the humidity had continued to climb throughout the day!

After the Garden tour, we headed to the Chengchuang Temple Markets to test our bartering skills - the kids purchased heaps of different things such as their names in Chinese calligraphy, engraved pearls, bags, traditional chinese hats, beats speaker stations, chopsticks, shirts, lampshades, traditional Chinese paper fans, silk dressing gowns and some novelty toys. As a whole, bartering was quite eventful but a success! A competition for the hardest sale for the beats by Dre speaker started off with Jack and his purchase sale at 140 Chinese Yuan, and then Michael managed to get his purchased at 120 Chinese Yuan but the winner was KJ who put in the hardest sale at 60 Chinese Yuan! It was also really nice to see how many gifts were purchased for families back home. 

We then all met up to have a special dinner together, enjoying a delicious cuisine at McDonalds! Enjoying our first real western meal of the trip, all the athletes sat together after being exhausted from the days activities and were ready to get back on the bus to head back to the accomodation. The bus trip back was relaxing and once we were back at Oriental Green Boat, it was free time just to chill out and lights out at 10pm in hope of a good nights rest for tomorrows first day of competition! 

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