Executive Director's Welcome

This international sporting exchange between Western Australian athletes and athletes from Shanghai, China will take place in Shanghai 8 - 16 July 2016. This is the reciprocal visit by WA athletes as part of an arrangement between Shanghai Junior Physical Training Administration Centre, Shanghai Sports School under invitation and direction from the Shanghai Sports Bureau and follows the enormously successful conduct of the Friendship Games in Perth in January 2015.

The Friendship Games form part of a much larger vision for sporting and cultural cooperation for WA youth.

Targeted initially at the youth sporting community of WA, this offer of an international exchange has been co-ordinated by RV Sport. The targeted age group is 13 to 17 year olds that are selected by the respective state organisations to participate.

Friendship Games could not function without the generosity of a large number of sponsors and supporters, large and small. We thank and acknowledge every one of our current as well as previous sponsors. These have varied from individuals who have actively supported us from the beginning, to a wide variety of businesses as well as the State and Federal Governments. They have made a significant contribution to the support of youth sport as well as cultural awareness and exchange.

Every Sponsor, indeed every dollar, is appreciated and fully utilised. We especially acknowledge and thank our generous sponsors, Enerji Ltd and Mineral Commodities Ltd (MRC) for their support of the 2016 Friendship Games.

Athletes - I urge you to make the most of your selection and take every opportunity to learn where you can.

Good Luck and see you in Shanghai!

Andrew Vlahov, OAM